Regent FEPayments and collections simplified

  • Accounts in EUR, GBP, USD and 30+ other currencies
  • Collect, convert, hedge and pay in all currencies
  • Online fast account opening for the UK and International businesses

Ideal for e-commerce, marketplace, international and non-resident companies.

Multicurrency Bank Accounts

Regent FEAccounts without borders

Our multi-currency business accounts are fast and easy to open. You get an account in your name in GBP, USD, EUR and 30+ other currencies. Best of all, you can open an account quickly and remotely - no hassle, no lengthy interviews and no branch visits!

Multicurrency Account
Multi-Currency Accounts & Ibans
IBANs in 38 currencies

Regent FEBusiness payments made easy

With our currency accounts you can make payments in GBP, EUR, USD and 30+ other currencies, all in our clear and easy to use online platform. You can make or automate single or bulk payments locally and globally. Regent FE has lightning fast payments and clear reporting and instant notifications for both you and your beneficiary. Keep both your team and your client happy!

Multi Currency Online Bank Account
Cross Border Multicurrency Payment
88% of cross-borded payments are same day
Multicurrency Digital Wallets
Local payments in 35 countries
Regentfe Notifications And Updates
Notifications and updates
International Payments
International payments to over 200 countries

Regent FEPowerful, easy to use currency management tools for your business

Benefit from Regent FE competitive exchange rates with no hidden commissions and fees. On both same day and forward dated exchanges, Regent FE currency tools save you time and money. New features to be added soon are rate alerts and market orders. Take the stress out of managing your currency with our powerful tools that are simple to use for every business.

Digital Wallet Currency Tools
Real-Time Currency Exchange Rates
Real time FX rate
Transparent Pricing for Multicurrency accounts
Transparent Pricing
Currency Risk Management Tool-Kit
Currency risk tool-kit
24/7 Exchange
24/5 Exchange

Regent FEGBP and EUR Mastercard Debit cards for your team

Issue cards to your staff at the click of a button. Regent FE lets you simplify expense management and reconciliation with MasterCard debit cards for you and employees. Set limits and transaction types, get reports, and activate or suspend cards - all in just one click. Save time and take control, your team will love you for it!

Mastercard Debit Cards
Corporate Cards To Employees
Issue cards to employees in one click
Debit Card Control Limits
Control limits
Card Management Digital Platform
Centralized management
Expense Reporting
Easy expense reporting

Regent FEYour e-commerce platform is better with Regent FE

Cut and admin costs with Regent FE’s extensive transactional capabilities and integrated ledger accounting system. Regent FE provides an ideal platform for e-commerce players to launch their global presence.

Multicurrency E-Commerce Platform
Integrated Ledger Accounting
Integrated ledger accounting
Separate Exchange Markets For Capital And Current Transactions
Separate currency flows
RegentFe - Multicurrency Accounts
Project specific accounts
Multi Currency Management
Consolidated currency management

Regent FE is a provider of multi-currency payment accounts which are specifically designed for your business. Sign up now. Quick account opening.