Regent FECurrency conversion in 38 world currencies

Convert incoming and outgoing currency at competitive exchange rates. Almost 300 currency pairs enabled for conversion


Currency exchange at competitive rates

Business customers can lock in a currency exchange rate for today, tomorrow or into the future, then send in the funds to convert. Once converted the funds are sent back to your business account. Business collection and payments accounts let you cut out the unnecessary wire transactions by collecting money into your business account with Regent FE directly. However, we can accept the currency for conversion from any bank account in the world.

  • SPOT or same-day currency conversion
  • 38 currencies at competitive exchange rates
  • Lock in exchange rates for up to 12 months with Forward Contracts
  • Almost 300 currency pairs enabled for conversion
  • Exchange funds on account instantly and instruct payments

More features

Unique accounts in your company name in 38 currencies
Local payments in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore HK, and more
Payments via SWIFT to 200 countries in 38 currencies for a low fee
Mastercard Debit card and virtual debit card for your other payment needs
Bulk payments via File Upload or an API integration
Access all your companies in one platform

Do you have questions?


Can I hold currency with Regent FE?


Yes, Regent FE issues customers with unique accounts in 38 currencies that allow you to collect, hold, convert and pay.


How long does it take to convert funds?


Most currencies you can convert same day. If you need to make an urgent payment we will execute the conversion and instruct a currency payment at the same time. If it is done before the bank cut-off time, it will be processed the same day as well.


Can I lock in the currency exchange rates?


Yes, you can lock in currency exchange rates for up to 12 months into the future with some currencies. This reduces the risk of currency losses due to currency fluctuations. Make sure you tell us about your forward exchange rate requirements when you sign up or just email