Regent FECurrency Risk Management

Lock in exchange rates for up to 12 months with Forward Contracts


Manage currency risks for foreign costs and revenues

Business customers can lock in the exchange rate for the foreign currency input costs and foreign currency revenues. Most losses due to currency fluctuation are avoidable and can be addressed with a forward contract. Importers, manufacturers, consultants and agencies can benefit from discussing their Forward Contracts with our team.

  • Currency exchange at competitive rates for all business customers
  • Lock in exchange rates for up to 12 months with Forward Contracts
  • Small margin required on all forward trades. Margin must be maintained
  • Exchange funds on account instantly and instruct payments

More features

Unique Local and IBAN accounts in your company name in 38 currencies
Convert and Pay in 38 currencies and almost 300 currency pairs enabled
Local payments in UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore HK, and more
Payments via SWIFT to 200 countries in 38 currencies at for a low fee
Mastercard Debit card and virtual debit card for your other payment needs
Bulk payments via File Upload or an API integration
Access all your companies in one platform

Do you have questions?


What do you mean by currency risk management?


When you earn money in another currency or have input costs in other currencies then you can lock in the exchange rate into the future to ensure your margin remains protected.

Currency risk is one of the biggest contributors to profitability erosion for international companies.


Can I book any currency and amount for a future date?


Almost. Regent FE is offering 300 currency pairs, and the main ones you can lock in via a Forward Contract. Please enquire with us about a particular currency pair.


Do you require me to put a margin down for a Forward Contract?


Yes we do require a margin to ensure that if the rate moves against you we have some cover to guarantee possible negative movements in the market. Our customers always settle, and margin is a great instrument to give all parties peace of mind. Please email for more information