Regent FEAbout company

Regent FE is a UK based Neobank and a Fintech company offering bespoke transactional banking. The service entails providing multi-currency transactional banking alternative for savvy entrepreneurs, global citizens and their businesses. Regent FE removes the hassle of making and receiving payments in multiple currencies and managing currency costs and risks. Regent FE is also offering Mastercard debit cards for all your colleagues and family. Furthermore, it is offering a range of standard and bespoke solutions ranging from day-to-day banking through its platform or API enabled currency management and payments.


Any of our service features can be adjusted to the needs of your particular type of activities and nature of your business. Our service is right for different types of companies with different types of transactions. Regent FE is offering a number of solutions to established customers. We are also very excited to be working with some spectacular innovative firms on creating custom solutions to fit their multicurrency needs. Please check out high-level cases presented below and get in touch to discuss the needs of your business

  • For companies with regular international pay in or pay out transactions
  • For companies and teams often traveling on business trips
  • For businesses with high level of transactional activity (lots of payments in and (or) out both domestic and international
  • For small businesses with standard payments requirements
  • For domestic or cross-border E-commerce companies

We are authorized by the UK FCA

We are an FCA registered business. The UK’s financial regulator, the FCA, is one of the best regarded regulators in the world, giving you peace of mind when dealing with Regent FE. Regent is a trading name of Regent Foreign Exchange Limited. Regent Foreign Exchange Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as Payment Institution (FRN: 543156) and registered with the FCA as an EMD Agent (reference number 902811) of PayrNet Limited, an Electronic Money Institution authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN: 900594).


Safety of funds

We operate in a regulated market and stringently follow all rules and regulations required of payments companies. Customer funds are kept separate to company funds in fully segregated client accounts in UK based banks.


We work with reputable and reliable companies

To make this service fast, simple and affordable Regent FE partners with market leaders and reputable industry operators. Regent FE is working on expanding its partner and supplier network beyond the UK and EU, and is always interested in discussing new market opportunities. Get in touch with Regent FE via the Contact Us form.


We are global!

We support over 35 international currencies and make payments to over 200 countries globally. Furthermore, we make local payments to 35 countries, and this number is always growing. We service currency and payments needs of companies and e-commerce platforms spanning most continents from Uk, Europe, Australia, Asia and North America.

Company values

We keep it simple

Our philosophy is to make everything we do as simple as possible. Everything we create is easy to understand, manage and use, and applying for our accounts is fast and simple. Banking should not be complicated in the 21st Century!

We are listening

We are in constant dialogue with our customers and partners and are always keen to engage with new and existing customers to improve our services. If you want to help us improve our service to you, or if you could benefit from a new feature or product offering, please get in touch - we are here for you!

We are flexible

We try to standardise our services as much as possible. However, we understand that every business is unique and we are happy to mould our service around your needs. Our solutions and pricing can cater for whatever challenges you face, so let us know what they are and see if we can work it out together.

Integrity is paramount

Providing financial services to our customers means that we ask for a fair bit of faith in our solutions and processes. We take our responsibilities very seriously, and strive to excel across all areas of compliance, customer service, accuracy and transparency in our dealings with customers and partners. This is our commitment to you