Regent FESolutions

Any of our service features can be adjusted to the needs of your particular type of activities and nature of your business. Please find out below how can we help?

For who?
International activity
SME and self-employed with regular international pay in or pay out transactions.
Need low exchange rates and low cost on international payments in our out. International payments should be fast, predictable and on time. Currency fluctuations risks should be at minimum.
  • Multi-currency business account operating with 35 global currencies and payments to 200 countries
  • Currency exchange at low and predictable cost and at fair exchange rates
  • International payments: fast and transparent
  • 24/7 Exchange rates monitoring and alerts
  • And more
Business trips abroad and locally
SME and self-employed teams or individuals often travelling on business trips.
Need easy way to manage travel expenses of the team or individual employees and minimum efforts in travel reporting and travel cost control.
  • MasterCard and Visa
  • Centrally managed cards parameters: Limits, expense types, blocking/unblocking
  • Easy expense reporting
  • Unlimited amount of cards
  • And more
Power payments
SME or self-employed with high level of transactional activity (lots of payments in and (or) out both domestic and international.
Need automatization and easy setting features for many beneficiaries and payment bulks. Easy to manage big amount of payments and get reports and statistics.
  • Local payments in domestic currencies: 35 currencies
  • Scheduled payments
  • Programmed payments of single or bulk payments
  • Easy reporting
  • Notifications
  • And more
Small companies
SME or self-employed with standard payments requirements.
Need services easy to understand and run and minimum admin and managerial efforts.
  • Easy to understand and manage user dashboard
  • Easy to set reporting and notification features
  • And more
Domestic or cross-border E-commerce
SME or self-employed with online and offline agents locally or abroad: clients, users, suppliers, employees etc.
Need to manage lots of money streams in and across different countries, accounts, jurisdictions and currencies.
  • Separation and extraction of money flows by country, currency, purpose or project in minutes
  • Unlimited amount of projects or purposes
  • One place to manage all streams
  • And more