Regent FEIntroducers

Introduce your business and customers to Regent FE and become part of the partner programme with a range of benefits.

  • Stronger client relationships
  • Convenince of one platform for all jurisdictions
  • Foreign subsidiaries and parent companies
  • Solid commercial business case

Regent FE is a UK-based Global Neobank offering flexible, automated and remote full-service transactional banking and payments to local, foreign and non-resident businesses, international and importing businesses and the expanding e-commerce sector.

Regent FEA Bespoke Neobank for Special Situations

A banking service that is right for you on our platform. Onboarding, products and services that can work around the client yet scalable and robust.

Regent FEA Bespoke Bank for Family Offices

Family Offices managing clients' companies and SPVs in various countries requiring a reliable single point of contact and transactional banking partner for all global entities.

Regent FEA Bespoke Bank for E-commerce Businesses

Businesses wanting to sell in the UK, EEA, the USA and Asia through local channels and in a local currency, while also paying their suppliers, staff and other stakeholders from the same accounts.

Regent FEA Bespoke bank for International Corporates and SMEs

Corporates working internationally wanting to save time and money with the convenience of fully remote services, better pricing on all banking operations and simple access to flexible customisable services.

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