Participate in our Partner Programme

Regent FE welcomes new partners and companies that can refer business. We value the reputation you have built with your customers, and will work with you on delivering the best service possible.

If you have access to businesses and private individuals that have a regular requirement for currency conversion then we can offer you a mutually beneficial affiliate programme.

Regent FE is a rapidly growing company with ambitions to become a global leader in currency accounts, currency exchange and foreign exchange payments. Our service provides companies with unique service, wholesale currency exchange rates, international payments capability, and unique payments account (IBAN) in the name of the client’s business in GBP, USD, EUR and other currencies. We are much more competitive than banks and other financial institutions.


Please contact Regent FE to discuss accounts for your business and your clients +44 (0) 203 750 0605.

Why collaborate with us?

We’re a fast growing company which provides added value to the market and customers with a flexible and easy-to-use online service.

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose Regent FE:

  • Transparent and fast online service to monitor your transactions
  • Monday – Friday 24 hour service
  • Bank-beating rates guaranteed
  • Online and phoneline customer service
  • There are no hidden costs and no extra fees
  • UK FCA authorised


Do you have a question?
Please call us or send us a question, lines are open 8.30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.