High volume SWIFT, local and SEPA payments

Making payments

Businesses making high volume payments to suppliers, partners, subscribers and for any other purpose, should always consider the cost, speed and reliability of their payments provider. If you have a high number of payments to make, we can process these for you straight from your accounting system or ERP and give you full control over the process. Processing each payment one by one takes a huge amount of time. Processing all the payments in minutes means that you can focus on more important things and save considerable money in the process.

Working with our wholesale partners and payment network providers, Regent FE can access a global network of relationships, enabling us to provide the best price for SWIFT, SEPA and Local payments for your business. Our high-technology infrastructure and partner network guarantee speed and reliability for our customers.

Multi-currency payment capability

You can make high volume payments in a range of currencies via the online banking and bulk payment functionality. You do not need to convert currency for every payment, we will do this automatically at the pricing agreed for your account for efficient running of your accounts.

Receiving payments

Regent FE business accounts enable you to receive payment in any currency, providing you with a convenient way to accumulate payments in one place.

You may convert payments automatically at our real-time wholesale currency exchange rates, or aggregate them in your account and convert them manually via our currency brokerage service.

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The cost of payments has come down over the years, however many banks and payments companies have failed to react. Contact Regent FE to discuss your payments requirements and see how we can save you time and money with our new online payments capabilities.

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Contact Regent FE to discuss your payment requirements and see how we can save you time and money with our online payments capabilities.